Role of Internet of Things (IoT) in building Smart Societies

June 27, 20190

A smart city is considered smart due to its inherent intelligence in dealing with its resources and environment. It makes effective use of available “Information and Communication technologies”, especially the “Internet of things (IOT)”. Internet of Things inputs the required intelligence into basic building blocks of the city and helps make it smart! Just imagine sensors monitoring energy usage, water levels, traffic flows and parking lots, the environment and security cameras, and sending that data directly to the city monitoring control center. Smart cities possess massive potential in completely turning around the operational efficiency of a city and IOT is the technical foundation behind the same. Below are some of the tangible use cases of using IOT in building a smart city.

IoT is starting to play an important role in smart cities’ evolution and it brings an improvement in the government-citizens relationship. We have identified that although technology is a central element, there should also be considered the capability and willingness of citizens and public institutions to collaborate in order to implement the best solutions for the communities.

“The number of connected devices will grow by two billion objects in 2006 to a projected 200 billion by 2020.” With the growing number of connected devices, the wastewater industry is taking advantage of IoT sensors to monitor water levels, chemical leaks, and even regulate water flows.

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