Industrial IoT Solutions

Internet of Things (IoT) solution for multiple industry domains like Textile, Pharma, Manufacturing, Professional Services etc.,

SMART IOT Solutions; the Industrial IoT is a key element of Industry 4.0, or smart factory, trend of automation, which brings together modern cloud computing, IIoT, and AI to create intelligent, self-optimizing industrial equipment and facilities.


ZenPOD – an Intelligent IoT App is cloud platform for Industry IoT

Focusing on the optimization of operational efficiency for our customers in various industries, EXOZEN has designed an exclusive plug and play device ZenPod which operates on the SaaS based software distribution model.

Garment IoT

Garment IoT, Tracking the production and labor efficiency

RFID Tags / Smart Gate

RFID tags, Automated Boom barriers, People, and Asset management

Spot Billing – Municipality

Metering, Billing, and collection automation for government boards

Smart Attendance

Centralized bio-metric or CCTV/Smart Cameras based attendance and tracking

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